The First Python

Blockchain Platform

Bismuth is an open-source protocol, created in the world’s most popular & fastest growing programming language.

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6+ Years of Open-Source Development

Created in the world’s most popular & fastest growing programming language, Bismuth is one of the simplest platforms to develop on. With the ability to tap into the vast intellectual capital of millions of Python developers around the globe, Bismuth aims to be the makerspace of Python-developed apps integrated with blockchain.

Full-Scale Digital Utility

Create anything on Bismuth’s modular platform. The entire protocol is created in Python, and every solution built can be done in the same language.


Deploy tokens at the click of a button using the Bismuth Tornado or myBismuth Mobile Wallets.


Access an ecosystem of decentralized applications via Bismuth Crystals. Built directly into the Bismuth Tornado Wallet, an intuitive client that runs in your browser.


Operate a collateralized Hypernode and get Bismuth rewards. The Hypernode layer is a sidechain that operates to embed network metrics within transactions.

Cross-Chain Bridges

Wrap your Bismuth to other protocols, such as Ethereum, to access liquidity on prominent DEXs. 


Create a Bismuth sidechain for your app. With application-level sharding, sidechains permit virtually infinite scalability to the limit of hardware capabilities.

Isolated Applications

Deploy apps on your own node. Bismuth does not enforce network-wide execution of third-party apps, which saves huge amounts of computing resources.

A DeFi-Oriented Roadmap

Our roadmap shortlist is nearly entirely DeFi-oriented. The Bismuth Foundation developers are focused on delivering open-source, industry leading solutions to decentralize & democratize the financial instruments of tomorrow.

Atomic Swaps

Bismuth Atomic Swaps will enable cross-chain swaps in a trustless manner. Timelock mechanism under development.


Access off-chain datapoints in a trustless manner. Bismuth Oracles will make use of the “Freedom of Interpretation” concept, pseudonymous digital identity, reputation, and pseudo uniqueness.

Dedicated Sidechains

Sidechains are network layers that work in tandem but are not limited by one another. There are many officially planned sidechains, including dedicated NT/NFT, IOT & MQTT, data archiving, and metadata storage sidechains.

Bismuth2.0 Core

A radical overhaul of Bismuth Core, spanning 246 commits, 142 changed files, 12,142 code additions, and 4,917 deletions.

The rollout of Bismuth2.0 in Q1 2021 has created a consolidated, organized & clean codebase to streamline maintenance and external development – all with full backwards-compatibility with legacy nodes.

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