An Open Protocol for Everyone.

Bismuth is the makerspace of blockchain apps. An open-source, easy to use, and accessible protocol for the world.

Integrated Utility

Bismuth’s architecture features novel integrated utilities which operate behind-the-scenes to improve & streamline user & developer experiences.


Bismuth employs Hyperblock technology, which allows transactions to be compressed and reduces the size of the blockchain to the amount of accounts present in it. This drops RAM usage by up to 96% and enables users to save disk space when their node is configured for Hyperblocks.


Bismuth OpenField allows users to input data directly into the blockchain. This also includes private & public messages, communication with dApp interpreters, document fingerprinting, complex operations for shared-state contract execution, and much more.


Bismuth supports multiple cryptographic schemes, signing methods, and address formats to protect users from potential future quantum computing attacks. The mix includes RSA, ECDSA (SECP256k1), and ED25519.


Bismuth Semantics enables unlimited content, such as on-chain forking without disturbing the underlaying network. Operations are abstracted from normal blocks, but stored outside of them.

Access. Create. Deploy.

Create anything on Bismuth using the world’s most popular programming language, Python.


Deploy tokens at the click of a button using the Bismuth Tornado or myBismuth Mobile Wallets.


Access an ecosystem of decentralized applications via Bismuth Crystals. Built directly into the Bismuth Tornado Wallet, an intuitive client that runs in your browser.


Operate a collateralized Hypernode and get Bismuth rewards. The Hypernode layer is a sidechain that operates to embed network metrics within transactions.

Cross-Chain Bridges

Wrap your Bismuth to other protocols, such as Ethereum, to access liquidity on prominent DEXs. 


Create a Bismuth sidechain for your app. With application-level sharding, sidechains permit virtually infinite scalability to the limit of hardware capabilities.

Isolated Applications

Deploy apps on your own node. Bismuth does not enforce network-wide execution of third-party apps, which saves huge amounts of computing resources.


Register your domain on the Bismuth blockchain. Entries can be IPs, redirects, or masks of entire links.


Vote for implementations using the Bismuth Governance Voting Model (BGVM), a new and innovative voting protocol.


Hook into a Bismuth node using the lightweight Bismuth plugin system, and link your app with on-chain events. Allows for action & filter hooks on specified events.

Try out some existing dApps


An NFT game, collectible platform, market, and more!

Launched in 2018, Dragginator was one of the first dApps in the industry to introduce gamified NFTs. With retro style 3D graphics, Dragginator “Eggs” can be created & traded using Bismuth.

EV Battery Monitor

Monitor the battery lifespan of your Tesla vehicle using this Bismuth dApp.

Record charging cycles for your Tesla to monitor the health of your vehicle’s battery. Using charging cycle telemetry, automatically plot & analyze data such as battery range, temperature, cycles, and much more.


Protect your Intellectual Property

Store documents on the Bismuth blockchain without exposing them publicly using document hashes. Prove ownership at any time using any Bismuth block explorer.

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